22nd Mar 2022

Arpansa Certified UPF 50+. Ultimate Sun Protection.

Are your fishing shirts rated UPF 50+? UPF50+ to the Australian standard (AS/NZS 4399:2017)? Switchbait proudly test all of our performance fabrics to the Australian standard, if fabrics are not UPF50+ as a minimum they don’t make the cut. Our fabrics are tested in Sydney with our Australian testing facility.

The Australian/New Zealand Standard Sun protective clothing—Evaluation and classification (AS/NZS 4399) was first introduced in 1996. The standard provides guidance for manufacturers and suppliers on communicating the sun protection properties of materials to consumers by use of a protection classification and an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. UPF ratings are found on labels for swimwear, workwear, schoolwear and outdoor wear to assist consumers in selecting products that provide the best sun protection.

In 2017, the standard was revised to simplify the UPF rating system and to introduce body coverage information. In 2020, the standard was further revised to update the body coverage and labelling information.

Many Australian sellers claim their shirts are UPF50+ without actually testing the fabric. Ask your seller for the test results. Switchbait are always happy to supply you with test results for any claims we make.